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Eternally Hers : The Prequel to Shallow Cove™ Dimensions (Salem)

Eternally Hers ebook.jpg

I detest Fate.

All vampires crave more than the rich taste of blood is their beloved, but I’m betrayed. I’m left hopeful and hopeless. Against all attempts, my heart has been poisoned against me.

My belief is gone.

A lie has been weaved for far too long and I fell into the web like so many others before me.

I must ease the ache of time. No longer will I yearn for a fairytale. This torture comes to a stop. To find love, I follow tradition instead. A matching ceremony.

And she changes all I know.

She stops the ache. Time is frozen.

My ability to breathe is robbed and held in her clutches. My blood sings for her.

How is she not my beloved?

No other will have my heart, but magic finds a way to obliterate it. A war steals everything from me. I’m left holding my newborn daughter as we fall into darkness.

I will never be made a fool again. In life. In death. I write my own fate.

My love, my faith, my choices…

Eternally, are Hers.

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