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Carnival of Creeps (A Halloween Novella): (Shallow Cove ™ Dimensions Book 1.5) (Shallow Cove™ Dimensions)


★Welcome to the Carnival of Creeps, where you’ll feast your eyes on the freaks. ★

For two days a year, a carousel sings.

Humans come, but they do not leave.

Gremlins, ghouls, and wendigos need to feed.

If paranormals come, they will never be free.

They have to put on a show and give the audience the creeps.

A demon is a ringmaster, selling souls for the right price.

A fortune teller sees his demise.

A vampire is used to cry.

An angel loses his wings.

A banshee calls for help and screams.

They will no longer exist after Halloween.

It’s why they need a Wildes witch.

The most powerful one they will ever see.

You need to read Eternally Damned before reading this novella. All books will be intertwined. The romance aspect will be HEA and standalone, but villains and plots will not be. Every book will follow a new couple.

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